Bay Tech Team - Your IT Team

about_usAllow us to provide a solution that will not only fit your current budgetary needs but will also allow for future growth. Bay Tech Team, Inc. an Eastern Shore based MBWE business, brings over 20 years of experience in the Computer, IT, Technology and Cyber Security field. We focus on Microsoft technologies ranging from small Local Area Networks to national Wide Area Networks.

How are we different and better?

With over 20 years of experience, we have worked in small start-up companies to large national corporate environments. We bring a complete picture to all of our solutions. We do not look at a sale as a sale but as an investment in your future. With our main territorial focus located within Anne Arundel County, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and most of Delaware, we can provide fast and quality service.

Applying tomorrow's solutions today

Bay Tech Team, Inc. (“BTT"), a privately owned company, doing business on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware regions, is a leader in IT services and solutions. From nonprofit organizations to professional corporations, construction companies and financial advisors, healthcare and legal corporations, real estate and insurance, BTT customers all have one thing in common – BTT's dedicated attention and desire to provided them with cost effective and efficient solutions to their various IT needs.

Bay Tech Team, inc. is dedicated to building relationships, not just customer lists. Each customer has its own unique needs and Bay Tech Team, LLC works closely with each to ensure that:

  • these needs, current and future, are accurately defined.
  • a definitive plan, containing short and long-term goals, is developed and documented to meet these needs.
  • the plan applies IT solutions that shift our customers towards the lowest Total Cost of Ownership ("TCO").

Bay Tech Team, Inc. has Microsoft Certified Network Engineers on staff that provides your company with the best combined solutions for your needs.