Vulnerability Assessment

Cybercrime Never Sleeps

Your network is at risk of being a victim of Cybercrime. Every day, the threat is real, and it may come from external bad-actors, or unintentional internal-worker errors. The threat is constantly evolving, adapting, morphing into new viruses, and system failures, and unintended gaps in out-dated security policies. What can you do, what can you do?

FREE Vulnerability Assessment

Bay Tech Team is offering a complimentary and initial screening of your staff, network and operations as a 10,000 ft. view of your security landscape, internal and external. This is a meaningful inventory of resources and their effectiveness. With a fresh assessment in hand you can compare your current system integrity against your existing solutions, and we may have recommendations to remediate any holes or gaps that are uncovered, which may require further actions to improve your protections.

We offer a wide range of cybersecurity hardware and software applications from the nation’s leading providers. Everything from Managed Security Services, to Active Threat Detection, Business Continuity applications, Data Backup, Cloud Storage, Cyber Liability Insurance, and our initial assessment may includes recommendations of products and service we offer, that would improve your security. Also, as a full-service Computer, IT and Network support company, we can also asses any hardware or software challenges and opportunities uncovered during the assessment.

Cybercrime is like a city that never sleeps. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment, so you can sleep better at night.