Blackpoint – Cyber Security in 2021 Webinar

Featuring Jamie Moore

Manager of Partner Success | Blackpoint



Tuesday, October 26th | 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Join us, Bay Tech Team and Blackpoint Cyber’s Jamie Moore for a fresh, fast, and factual update on the current state of cybercrime and cyber security in 2021, via Zoom, Tuesday, October 26th at 10 am.

Get updated on the current state of cyber security, see how hackers operate on the hacker timeline, view a Live Hack Demo, review Jamie’s pragmatic security stack, and learn 3 measure all SMB’s should implement today for maximum protection.

Blackpoint Cyber – is a leading US based security solutions developer led by former US Intelligence operators with extensive understanding of hacking tradecraft and real-world real-time defensive and offensive knowledge, experience, and solutions.

Bay Tech Team is a provider of IT and Tech support in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a local MBWE company we provide a skilled team of technicians to every client, with 24/7 support, certified technicians, world-class partners, and collaborative thinking.

Jamie Moore


Jamie Moore has 8 years of experience guiding business leaders through the complex process of developing technology plans that help them use technology as a strategic advantage. She is passionate about cybersecurity and enjoys teaching both businesses and individuals how to protect themselves and their networks. Jamie Moore is a Solution Advisor for Blackpoint. When she’s not teaching businesses how to avoid cyber attacks, you can find her hanging out at her local rock-climbing gym.


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How Hackers Operate - The Hacker Timeline

Pragmatic Security Stack

3 Cyber Security Measures all SMBs Should Implement Today

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Managed Detection and Response

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