IT & Tech Support Services 24/7/365

Remote Desktop Management

Bay Tech Team has devoted a large segemet of our manpower to support the mandated Work From Home directives issued by State and Federal Goverment. Every situation is unique, please call us directly at 443-282-0282 so that we can quickly and directly address your needs.

Managed Services Provider

it_servicesBay Tech Team utilizes state of the art applications in the Managed Services arena. We provide the power to automate key tasks to increase the productivity of your staff and your organization as a whole. From asset management and software inventory to remote computer management, our Managed Services solution provides the features and functions to automate any IT task.

Hassle-Free hardware support services

Our Hardware support service delivers comprehensive support for companies of all sizes and environments of all types: desktops, client/server, data center, home-based, mobile, and global. Our offerings can help your business obtain the precise kind and level of expert assistance you need, from basic to business-critical, whenever you need it.

Networking services

Bay Tech Team specializes in many networking arenas, including remote access, network security, disaster recovery and wireless networking. We can help build your network infrastructure from the ground up or improve on your company's existing network. Our extensive knowledge with network security can give added comfort that your business data will not be compromised.

Cyber Security & Cyber Liability Insurance

Our Managed Security as a Service team can help you get your network, resources and data protected from current and future threats with utilizing the blackpoing SNAP-Defense framework & paltform. Yes, live, real-time threat protection made and priced for small to medium-sized businesses.